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comment to be added.
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Long live the car crash hearts.
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i really want to see this film again today.
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also, thanks to the guys at Penny Arcade for my new default icon for the day. ♥

Happy Holidays everyone!
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And because it now seems to be annual tradition for me to post it, now you too can have the worst Christmas song ever stuck in YOUR head.

My gift.

From me to you.

Happy Holidays.
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Please request AvA to play on your radio stations.

I can’t even begin to think this could amass what we’d done with [livejournal.com profile] icecreamhdaches for Fall Out Boy’s “America’s Suitehearts” and "What a Catch, Donnie", or Cobra Starship and "Hot Mess", but I would greatly appreciate it, personally, if you might help with this, and ask others, too, as well.

It's time to get people interested in LOVE.

Thank you.

some stations that may or may not be persuaded to play Angels and Airwaves. )
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So today was good.

I burst into tears like twenty times at work.

I love Fall Out Boy.

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Please visit http://thealivattermatter.blogspot.com and donate if you can, share even if you do or don't, and keep her and millions of other people in your prayers.

I figure...

Nov. 2nd, 2009 12:41 am
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...that if LJ can help [livejournal.com profile] save_dave's home, we can help Ali Vatter.

[livejournal.com profile] alivattermatter


Can we get some steam on this? :D
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And for a few years I was one of them.

Wherein Mark Hoppus writes about Ali's story for The Huffington Post, and I am resigned to loving him forever.

As someone who was uninsured and horribly sick last year and who is still unable to bring the remaining effects of that illness to her current provider for care, and as someone who appreciates all the hard work and talent that went into the shows I just recently went to and enjoyed, I supported Ali.

I'm not asking that you drop dollars for her, I totally have no right to ask you to do that, I'm just asking that you take a second and read this, and pass it around. That's the most I ask.
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In no particular order, here are pictures from my day out yesterday to Cottonwood/Camp Verde for a coworker's birthday~ and for my first day of vacation!

here~! )
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today will be awesome.
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I need to find another one of these. I really hope they have a few left over at merch this weekend.

Mine is fucked up. And it happened the day after I measured it for a frame.

1820 made, less than that sent out on actual tour, 30 only to each show.

I'm kind of heartbroken and I know it's stupid because it's just a fucking poster but still. I was really excited to have one. Now it's all purple and bubbly and ink-leaky and smells like wine and is torn in three spots. My fault for leaving it on the table to flatten out, I guess.
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Sorry it took me so long to get these uploaded to share. lol.

+166 more, un-resized, un-edited, under here and in no particular order.
r.i.p. dial-up. )
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THIS IS FOR [livejournal.com profile] martydressler

markaparkaparkamarkaparkamarkparka )
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Wherein I paid a little over $120 to take this one and maybe two other good shots (and some shitty cell phone pictures) and then $7 two days later to take 200 gorgeous photos of giraffes and baby elephants.



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