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This was an entry that begun on Sunday, thanks to the internet taking a complete shit (I guess that cable in the walls had to be completely replaced, idk), I'm only just getting it up and going tonight.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

The past 29 hours of my life. Really kind of amazing. And not just because of the Wentz sighting. lol.

This is just going to be a tiny wall of text as I have like... three photos from the entire night I need to get off of my cell phone and also don't want to bore you by me regaling exactly how retarded these guys are again. But if you totally want to hear me go on about how retarded these guys are all over again please let me know and I will come right over.

So first and foremost I think that the next US tour Blink does I'm getting the VIP ticket packages for. That's that. Or hopefully I'll be doing show photography by then idk. Whatever. Something's happening, I know that much, I'll make it happen.


I want to start off by asking the question I posed on Twitter yesterday: how I managed to make it alright to the Palladium without getting lost ONCE (and without any map on how to get back out and home, either, oops lol) yet if you get me two hours south in the Valley I turn into a dumbass and need an actual person directing me where to drive to... WHAT IS WITH THAT.

I managed to make really good time from home to L.A., and the drive was stellar. I also survived solely on apples and pbj sandwiches, so go me. No In-N-Out is a depressing thought but honestly I had so much go wrong in the week before this show that I was pretty much traveling on gas money alone. It’s all good though, I had a lot of time to myself on the drive and I was paying more attention to counting CHPs and making sure they weren’t pacing me than anything else really. But yeah, the drive was absolutely amazingly great. But then again getting up at ungodly hours to drive an ungodly amount of miles for ungodly great shows is kind of my forte now I guess. I swear that if all I did for a living was travel with or for bands I would be the happiest person in the world.

I stopped in Kingman but I stopped around 8:30 and was too early to meet the staff at my company's store there. But I left a little note anyways. lol. Should have taken a picture of it, they've got it hanging on their corkboard in the back. I bought the largest coffee ever and ate two apples (DIXON APPLES FUCK YEAH THANK YOU AUNTIE) before continuing on to Barstowz. Then I went south and then north again and got stuck in some minor accident traffic for about forty minutes before finally making it down to Hollywood.

In the so many years since I’d last been through L.A. the freeways haven’t gotten much better, lol. My car surprisingly did very well the entire trip and it’s a complete testament to how much better she does on long-distance drives than putting around town. It started getting jumpy around the Euclid exit but by then traffic had already started slowing down due to the accident in the far left lane. Shortly after passing it though there were no other issues at all and I had a nice, straight drive down to Sunset. I managed to get parking at the venue for $10 before they changed it to $20 and found out that the line had pretty much started Friday afternoon. I had started to take pictures of the venue when the box office staff was all “LOL HAY ARE YOU WITH SUCH AND SUCH” and I was all “LOL NO” and they were all “OH, OK, UM YOUR CAMERA IS CRAZY AND IF YOU’RE NOT PRESS WE CAN’T LET YOU GO IN WITH IT.”


So then I put it back in the car and went to go spend the next four hours in line.

So I've narrowed my issue down when it comes to camera allowances at venues. I guess it's anything over 10x for sure unless cameras are prohibited completely. My Fuji's a 12x. fml. I really should have just grabbed the electrical tape from my car kit and covered that up or something idk. Either way I should have fought it considering the zoom and quality of some of the tinier cameras/phones that some people had there last night, holy shit. I wound up getting like, NO pictures of this show and that's one thing that pretty much hurt the most. I mean. I'm okay with not getting a new poster (the ltd one) as HI NO EXTRA CASH MONIES, and then also barricade was not completely full when I made it inside so I jumped on that. Didn't work out so well: I got dislodged and pushed back during Mickey Avalon's set and it went downhill from there. I have a bruise on my boob (doesn't hurt so much) and I lost the octopus sticker and the Tom mask I'd managed to get while standing in line (SEVERE SADNESS).

Line was fun, but not until the sun went down and the lights went on. I mean, there was a guy handing out free Monster drinks and his friend (a short people) was snapping photos. I photobombed that and a couple of other things I'm sure, because I am not photogenic. Also might be in the Blinkumentary for a second or two, idk. Haven was shooting so much footage last night I can't even. It was really neat to watch him work. He was sitting in the street at one point and did a really good job of not getting run over. I also photobombed THAT a couple of times. Go me and my stupid face.


Fucking STUNNING. It's so beautiful inside. And it's a really great setup, too, I loved it a lot. It was fantastic even when I wasn't in the middle of the pit, you could see everything from anywhere in the place. It must have been more amazing to all the people who were taller than me, lol idk. A+ A+ though, would definitely do more shows there if I were local.

TRAVIS! Travis came out and helped Mickey Avalon and DJMackey with their set. Sick beats. Made me want to do the Jane Fonda but at the same time not really. I can totally get behind "The Fast Life" though, I liked it. Good stuff. It's such a trip to watch Travis drum, I love it. He gets so into it and it's really just amazing and all I want to do is go ♥_♥ because it's so awesome and great and incredible. Mad talent. MAD.

The Aquabats are another band I was listening to in Jr High thanks to the influence of friends. And now I have decided that it's fairly important that I see them when they headline again. We got a condensed show vs. The Golden Idol but it was still incredible. Fashion Zombies kicked off the set, we got to hear The Cat With Two Heads and Pizza Day so I was extremely happy, and we also had a HUGE POOL PARTY LA LA LALAAAAAAA~ where we got inflatable pool balls and floaties and alligators and threw them around everywhere for almost a good ten minutes while MCBC made ball jokes. And they dedicated "Lovers of Loving Love" to Blink and I wanted to cry.

So now we move onto the Blink Appreciation part of this whole matter and with that I start off with just how many more times I can say that I love these guys. I will be sitting around on vacation, week after next, bummed that I can't finish out my year with something that isn't Blink so I won't be so sad.

But I'm already sad.

So as far as the rest of the tour has turned out to be, last night's show was considered "intimate". And I'd say it matched that of the crowd that came to the Bogus Journey tour last fall at the Marquee. So. Yeah. Kind of. And considering that this has been a mostly~ sold out tour....? But Holy Fucking GOD. The pit was almost as intense as one at any given Fall Out Boy show. Elbows flying all over hell by the time Aquabats were getting ready to start, and by Blink's second song I had to back out and find another spot. Fuck. That. It didn't help that I backed right into the circle pit, either. But it was FUN, and that was the difference between the bruises and pulled muscle I got last night and the cracked ribs/bruises from YWT. Definitely made driving home a lot more interesting, anyways.

If there was any indication during soundcheck and from what we could hear, it sounded like there was going to be a wookie slaughter in there as the main event. Which. I mean. Yeah, there was. But it was amazing, regardless. Between Tom's FUCKSHITFUCKING TITTY ASSFUCKING FUCK FUCKs and his FUCKINGFUCKSHITING ASSTIT FUCKING FUCKs was more of the noises and surprise lyrics changing but the crowd was still singing and the music still sounded great and it was super awesome to be a part of that. I actually felt my maturity level DROP this time, I was laughing so hard. I want Tom to be a dorkface forever, it totally warms my heart. Which rhymes with fart.

Hoppus is king of bass, sorry Wentz. You only wish.

Oh hay, that's right. Pete Wentz and his bald head were there. It was kind of great. Duder, my advice to you? Always let Mark cut your hair. And tell Patrick to write you more amazing bass solos plzkthx.

They put on an awesome set, and now I'm going to talk in circles at you again and say I'm glad they're back and I'm glad that they've got the crew they do that can handle these whole sold-out arena tour things that they've been having. Even if the Palladium isn't really an ~arena the amount of effort on EVERYONE'S part shone through and I'm thankful for it. Mark dedicated "Stay Together for the Kids" to himself and Trav and Tom and I swear I like started crying. Hang on just a second I have to flail all over my floor here just thinking about it all.

With Fall Out Boy's pathetically entertaining attempt to keep out the spotlight for a while (YOUR H-WORD IS DEFINITELY NOT AN H-WORD, GUYS, COME ON. FAIL HARDER. THAT 'FAIL' WAS JUST FOR YOU, TROHMAN. ILU NERDS.) I think this was a fantastic year and time for Blink to be back and rocking it hardcore. I never got to see them live while I was growing up except on the MTV back in the day~ when they were still showing actual music videos and whatever, so this was totally me making up for that. The productions were amazing and I'm just stunned at how these guys can come back after 4 or 5 years and just put this incredibly fabulous tour together like they never missed a beat. Like quitting was never a truly real option. I get really choked up thinking about it because... fuck, man. That's a story. That's a fucking story and it's epic and it makes my chest hurt and my eyes water and I feel like I'm gonna just die because it's so goddamned RAD. 17 years and I've been there for 12. Half. My. Life. I'd follow these guys to the UK next year if I could but that's kind of an obvious not-gonna-happen. I'm really super glad I went to these shows that I did. Like. It was worth spending 16 hours on the road for a 3-hour show. Totally worth it. Forever worth it. Ugh. FUCK.


Seriously though, and in all serious seriousness, FOB. Step up the game and go on break for 5 years. Forget all this silly shenanz. Make me want the holes in my chest filled by the time you even think about putting something new out.


Also, Blink, you guys, get that new album out. Like. 35 minutes ago. Really.

Dear Mom, if you are reading this, I'm really sorry I didn't tell you at all, in person or at least over the phone, that I made this trip. I'm driven. This is what I choose to do with my life and my love and my soul. Please know this. And please know that I love you.

Some goodies for you:
Scans of the Rolling Stones article:
One. Two. Three. Four.
Pictures on tour by Haven and Matt

And the final tally:
1 blown out sneaker
1 boob bruise
1 crack in my windshield from a wayward rock
1 mild calf strain
1 lost earring
1 new air filter
1 mangled poster lol
2 snapped bracelets
2 sharpie-stained forearms (x2!)
3 new tickets for the corkboard
3 holes in my Chicago shirt
4 new wristbands for the corkboard
4 broken fingernails
4 rotated tires
5 sharpie-stained fingernails
6 bottles of wine
7 times I heard the word FART onstage
8 new FOB autographs
9 stops for gas
9 1/2 friends hugged/hung out with
10 pounds of Dixon apples
12 times I've had to fully recharge the iPod
22 days (lol fuck off by one)
32 approximate hours of driving
100 percent chance this tour was sponsored by Purell
200+ cell phone pics
300+ pics of zoo animals that were easier to take
1988 combined travel miles
1988 times I probably heard Tom curse
1988 times I probably heard Tom say something gay
1988 times I probably heard Tom say he will fuck my mom
1988 times I'd relive these nights over if I could and more
1988 tons of stress lifted off my chest by these shows
a handful of confetti
a shitload of memories
a renewed sense of self purpose
a truckload of new personal goals
my adolescence recognized and paid due to
my present self colliding head on with the past

Best summer/fall of my life, I'm pretty sure of it. Would I do it again?

You bet.

To Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, Tom Delonge, The All-American Rejects, The Aquabats, Asher Roth, Mickey Avalon and DJMackey, Justin, Diaz, Kadaver, Haven, Matt, the rest of the tour crew, [livejournal.com profile] martydressler, [livejournal.com profile] naotalba, [livejournal.com profile] frozen_ballad, The Norb, [livejournal.com profile] sugarcane_moon, [livejournal.com profile] desireem81, [livejournal.com profile] jessa789, [livejournal.com profile] rei_jaganshi and the rest of the staff at Atomic Comics, Charles from Denny's, my aunt and her amazing sense of understanding, Mike the barrier security guard, and [livejournal.com profile] tattooed_nerd (thanks for watching the cats~!) and anyone else I have neglected to mention here:


fucked up when it's all done
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