Mar. 2nd, 2009

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Dear everyone on my fList.

Skeeter went to the vet today.
In order to make him better he needs to have every tooth behind his canines out.
$500 give or take.

I need to sell a lot of charms.

My kitty. :(

[ profile] ps_shocktheworl is awesome. She is. Her cats are awesome too. There's a problem, though. Her kitty Skeeter is in serious need of some dental surgery. The price tag for this surgery isn't something [ profile] ps_shocktheworl has immediately available to her. We need some help. Skeeter needs some help. He is doing a little drooling and his appetite is dwindling. Sara is one of the greatest pet owners I know and it's seriously breaking my heart to hear that she is struggling to find a way to help one of her babies. :C

I don't have much to give you in return for a small small donation (even if it's just a $1, a single dollar from so many people adds up to a fuck of a lot) than maybe a short comment fic or a drabble or something, but if you have any skills or talents you might be able to put forward for this little guy in the name of getting him some monies for his teeth, I know Skeeter and Sara would totally appreciate the help. Even if you just pimp this on your journals or Myspaces or Facebooks or something. Or make icons or badges or whatever.

I would totally just love you forever.

You can totally comment here for more info or send something off to her via Paypal: (well wishes, charm questions, etc). Or you can head to Mindpanda Charms to help her raise money through selling her charms.

Please help!! And please re-post, re-tweet, re-love.

From Sara:
I am amazed at how generous people are. I'm crying because I'm so freaking amazed.

Anyone that has both anything or given anything: Thank you so very much. I suck with words, but I am so grateful. You guys are reminding me there's still good people out there. Even if I don't know you, I love you.



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