Apr. 2nd, 2009 10:14 am
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So we got this one for a couple of bucks from Mr. Ben and it's condition is GORGEOUS for it's age. If we're using the Goldmine system for value, though, it's worth what we paid for it. I'm not complaining though!

This is the final album that CCR did with Tom Fogerty; the band's sixth as a studio album. Its only single, "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" debuted at #8 on Billboard.

When I was growing up my Mom and Step-father listened to a lot of music from when THEY were growing up. The regional Classic Rock station was on all the time in their vehicles until they upgraded to satellite radio; now there's three or four different stations programmed in. All of them play what's considered to be Classic Rock. I think it's pretty neat. It brings back a lot of memories I had with my brothers, or of family road trips, whenever I hear CCR playing. We were really stupid as kids, but w/e, I still kind of laugh at these things because it was just so retarded. One of our favorite things to do was to make up words to sing and "I wanna know/have you ever been to Spain/coz I went the other day" may not have been our greatest version of a song, but it was still very fun.

So anyways. I'm not as big a fan of this album as I am Green River but it's still really really good. I think that it's because if anyone but Tom knew he'd be leaving the band permanently after this, it's possible that it showed through, I don't know. I hate thinking like that but it kind of comes to me more and more when I listen to tracks off of it. By the point the album was released, things weren't great for them. John was getting on everyone's nerves, they stopped performing encores at shows, Tom was on and off again and then finally just DONE. I read about how stressful touring was at that point in time and I have no clue how some of these bands do it today. I really don't. So it's not altogether far from hearing that influence on the music. "Someone told me long ago/there's a calm before the storm/I know/it's been comin for some time..."

It really makes me sit back and appreciate today's musician's though, and the hard work that I see from pretty much everyone on the FBR and d/D labels. Their dedication to making things work as best as they can, to get out there and make themselves known, to show their fans that they love them back as much as they do through their interaction and performances... it's all just really fantastic. I feel like that's such a cop-out word, lol. I can't find a better one.

CCR will always be one of my favorite bands, and soon I'd like to own the rest of the collection in vinyl form. I don't care if the sleeve is split open like this one is. To me I could care less about that--I look at the condition of the album because I want the sound to be as gorgeous as it was one year ago, fifteen years ago, forty years ago.

Here's "Pagan Baby", one of my absolute favorite CCR songs. I love the footage used. :) I wish more shows were like that, and I wouldn't have to worry about getting pantsed or punched even at the back of the stage crowd.

Also check out "Hey Tonight", which was also really wildly popular, but wasn't ever officially released as a single.

(I fell asleep writing this one last night. omg. Forgive me as I won't have one up for today; I'm on my way down to Phoenix for the Believers Never Die Tour (Part Deux), so I should be able to type up two of these on Saturday to make up for the loss.)
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[ profile] sweetnovicane's got the idea. I'm borrowing it.

So I got home from work tonight and saw an email from Ben over at RockIt Man about Record Store Day, April 18th. Included was a list of LPs, CDs, and other goodies he will have in stock that day. New albums, new singles, new concert DVDs. All sorts of stuff. $1 vinyl sale, too. WHEE. I'm excited.

So anyways, I think we've got enough in our collection here to listen to an album a day.

And for the first one, I chose Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends.'

This is the fourth studio album by the band and holy cow, I love it. I loved each single, and I loved every song in between. Even at 47 or so minutes, it seems like an afternoon's listen, really.

This version that I picked up came with a CD copy of the album, so that was a bonus, I was very happy to learn I could take the CD with me to work or in my car when I did not immediately have my iPod accessible. The album art itself is gorgeous; the insert is much like one you might find in a regular CD case, a handful of pages of photos and abstract painting and writing. Very beautiful to look at and imagine that this is what my heart is seeing when it hears the songs.

For a while "Viva La Vida" sat at the top of my favorite song list, but that was mostly in part to several remixes I had found on YouTube and Myspace (my absolute darling being the Telemitry remix that was used to promote the album and iTunes). Currently the contender is "Lovers In Japan" and that song too gets to thank a bunch of random people with mixing programs and a good ear. I really adore the acoustic version of this song and it really just sent it all over the edge for me.

Also Joe likes this song, and that is a warm and fuzzy thought. I like to think of him and Marie when this song plays and I get so happy that my face hurts. I feel so lighthearted and it's just all sorts of different levels of beautiful. What I like the most about this album is how it speaks to me in terms of us as a whole, our connections with one another, and how glorious a thing that really is when you've got a perspective point as big as the Universe to use.


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