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I don't think I've seen a single post about the LJ advisory board elections from the furries on my fList.


You guys, this is serious. This is the future of LiveJournal. We have been given the opportunity to choose who will be elected to this board.

I have given my full support to [livejournal.com profile] jameth because I believe he is more than adequately qualified to hold such a position within the blogging community. As someone whose blog I have read and loved for four years now I feel it is my obligation to stand behind him in his pursuits to help LJ become a better place.

Jameth is an amazing person who is always willing to call upon the voices of his fList to assist in great and small matters ranging from first-world problems in his own life and his own rl communities, to friends with ailing pets/other needs issues, and even in instances where injustices on the internet (i.e. blatant lies, deleted comments, reneged promises) have been brought to his attention. He is an asset to the rl community of San Francisco, volunteering his time, his thoughts, and his person to the needs and wants of citizens just like himself. He is a modest environmentalist who drives only when necessary (supporting his city's usage of mass transportation! yay Muni!), was first on the scene to blog AND devote himself to the oil-spill clean up in the Bay last year.

He is also a pet person, and loves kitties. He rallied his friends list once to raise over a few thousand dollars for [livejournal.com profile] catslvdmb's kitty, in just a few days. When his own Poko cat got sick, we rallied for him, and in turn he graciously donated the unneeded funds to a shelter for black cats. Jameth really cares about black cats.

He is prompt, resourceful, and conducts himself well in the middle of any heated discussion, and is constantly blogging about current events--a handful of which he has been in attendance for, and even if he is not, he and his contingent group of friends and supporters are always quick to get the information needed from a situation. Jameth has great attention to detail, and is often well-prepared for any discussion, no matter the subject; and in the event that he isn't, he is never afraid to ask for assistance or input on the issue, and does a fantastic job of utilizing all of it, regardless of significance.

I am personally honored that Jameth has asked me to assist him in this campaign because I find him to be a trustworthy, intelligent, well-grounded and very endearing person. His posts have brightened my days several times, and not once has he ever alienated or offended me. I consider him to be an amazing friend and a candidate worthy of this position.

As a newly appointed member of his campaign staff I want to take this opportunity to help make LJ an amazing place for current and future users. With Jameth, we can do this. We can be heard and have our interests taken into account. This means art, writing, role-playing, and anything else that is within reason of the ToS of this site. Furries?

We Can Has.

He's a damn fucking awesome guy.

Here is his initiative:
In English
In French
In Spanish

Please do not forget to read the comments to these entries.


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