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Birthdate:Oct 23
Location:Arizona, United States of America


journal layout courtesy of visualwit and megyal

Mod of themerchbooth (got band merch you want to sell? Sell it here!)

I love

and I'm unashamed of the way their songs and their words own the beating of my heart.

I like stuff.
I dislike other stuff.
I like to eat food.
I've got a sense of humor.
I have two cats.
My favorite color is blue.
My carpet is light beige.
I dislike stalkers and general psychos.

I am on Soybean cluster.


Please note that if you see one of YOUR (meaning, you made it) icons on my journal, and I have not given you credit (as I have plenty of unknown-author icons), LET ME KNOW!! I want to give you credit for the job. ^_^

Penny Arcade Is Geek Love

Please check out to get your free copy of Angels & Airwaves' new album, "LOVE"

I'm a proud supporter of the Hurricane Olympics! Whatever you do, BELIEVE IN SOMETHING!

I'll be taking a walk next year:

blink-182♥since 1992
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